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Proper care for a garden requires horticultural knowledge and experience. We create a custom program, that includes overseeing the irrigation, pest management, and fertilization, to meet the specific needs of your garden. Our trained gardeners begin each visit with a thorough walk-through to assess the goals for the visit. Then, the crew leader assigns the trained crew to specific gardening objectives such as: 

  • Hand pruning, by season to stimulate proper growth
  • Push mowing and bagging grass cutting for health of lawn
  • Removal of all hanging fronds
  • Hand weeding of beds
  • Making bed lines straight and tight
  • Evaluating garden details
  • Checking Irrigation system

Every client will be matched with a personal, professionally trained Garden Account Manager who will check the garden on a consistent basis to monitor the quality of work, assess the health of the plants, and make suggestions for improvements. Clients have the emails and cell phone numbers of their garden managers for immediate assistance.  

We want to ensure that your garden is something you can be proud of and a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

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