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Shoreline Plantings Essential for Our Environment

Shoreline living is part of life on the Treasure Coast. The Fall season brings the mullet run, the return of seasonal residents, the end of hurricane season, and king tides. While the return of bait fish and part-time residents contribute to our livelihood, hurricanes and high tides can create havoc to our shorelines. Whether you […]

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Save Money, Save - Water Protect Our Lagoon

This winter, when you go for a walk, take notice of how often your neighbors are watering their lawns. Look to see if sprinklers are spraying the road and driveways. Then, go home and check your own irrigation system and see if you can make changes that will preserve our ecosystem and save you money. […]

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Seeking Lawn & Order to Protect Our Lagoon

Americans love lawns. According to NASA, there are more than 49,000 square miles of lawns in the United States. That’s larger than the state of New York. Our lawns are integral to our way of life. They’re where we teach our kids to throw and catch, or kick a soccer ball. They’re playgrounds for our […]

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