Training Challange

The Training Challenge is a program in which all company employees participate. A scheduled series of courses are implemented, teaching better industry practices. This program helps build morale and organization in the company. The employees are regularly tested on their knowledge and skill for the chance to gain position in the chain of command. This means Aiello Landscape’s customers get the highest quality of work and the best service possible.


GARDENER TRAINING 90 dayPlantsmanMaster Plantsman GardenerMaster Gardener
 1. Drug Test.X    
 2. Safety IdentificationX    
 3. Tool IdentificationX    
 4. Plant IdentificationX    
 5. Written 10 QuestionsX    
 6. Planting, Spacing, Water X   
 7. Staking & Guying X   
 8. Fertilization, Mulch X   
 9. Pruning X   
 10. Mowing X   
 11. Repair & Replace X   
 12. Grading & Sod X   
 13. Plant Identification II X   
 14. Written 15 Questions X   
 15. Irrigation  X  
 16. Palm Banding  X 
 17. Chainsaw Operation  X  
 18. Vine Espalier  X  
 19. Edging & Step Stone  X  
 20. Pest Identification  X  
 21. Plant Identification III  X  
 22. Written 15 Questions  X  
 23. Retaining Wall Const   X 
 24. Root prune,Transplant   X 
 25. Equipment Operation   X 
 26. Grading & Drainage   X 
 27. Instrument Operation   X 
 28. Plant Identification IV   X 
 29. Written 15 Questions   X 
 30. Record Keeping    X
 31. Garden Evaluation    X
 32. Plan Reading, Layout    X
 33. Customer Service    X
 34. Personnel Management    X
 35. Written 15 Questions    X
 36. Plant I.D. 100 Botanical Names    X


We create a custom program to meet your garden’s needs and, ensure maximum beauty.

Container Creations

Whether you are looking to freshen an interior space or simply welcome your guests with flowers at the front door.


Landscape Installation

We have been providing landscape installation for residential and commercial clients for over 20 years.


We expertly stack and lay natural rock to create any number of different landscape features.


Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is now available for installation in all commercial and residential settings.


Tree Relocation

We use sound horticultural practices to ensure the safe relocation of your trees.


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